Habitare and Living Italian Luxury – the Boga family


Habitare was created by Emilio Boga, in Monza Brianza, renowned Italian district for its furniture and design heritage. At this stage, Habitare was a truly carpenter’s shop  (bottega di falegnameria) with very few employees.

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Habitare 1969


The Habitare brand was born to pursue unique styles and design still living in today’s creations. The company started offering bespoke furniture and turn-key solutions.


The second generation, Emilio’s sons, Felice, Fausto and Cesare, started working within the company.

Boga's Story 90
Boga's Story


The Boga family moved the company HQ to Tradate to have a bigger showroom where they could display the newly imported artworks and antiques from India. A new ethnic-chic style made from a unique blend of Indian antiques combined with modern furniture was born becoming the cornerstone of Habitare’s success.


The Boga Foundation was established with the purpose of spreading the culture of art, beauty and design across local and international communities. Over 35 events have been organized until today. The Boga Foundation also produced over 250 sculptures and paintings that are shown in exhibitions and social events.

Boga's foundation
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Habitare expanded its HQ with a new building with a futuristic look, sinuous shapes and integrated LEDs. The project won an award at the XV° International METRA competition for its unique design.


The Hestetika magazine that focuses on the latest trends in art, design, fashion and architecture, was launched with an annual circulation of around 40,000 copies.

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The Boga Foundation organized the event “Looking at the world from Gandhi’s eyes” where the Boga family allowed guests to try on a pair of original Gandhi’s glasses to encourage positive thinking about world peace and supporting the less fortunate.


Living Italian Luxury benefits from our family’s expertise and style to propose new sustainable furniture solutions targeted to architects, interior designers and stores.