Doing what’s right: LIL offers sustainable furniture solutions

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it”
– Barack Obama, 23rd September 2014 –

Living Italian Luxury looks at both environmental and ethical sustainability.


Every minute over 2,000 animals are killed to produce leather
Living Italian Luxury offers only vegan leathers that preserve animal lives
Every minute 1 million plastic bottles are sold. Yearly, this can cover the distance between Earth and the Sun
Living Italian Luxury offers an eco-nubuck made from recycled PET bottles that allows to reduce CO2 emissions by 86% compared to real leather
The amount of fabric waste, in the US alone, equals to filling more than 73,000 Boeing 747 planes every year!
LIL’s fabrics, used also by top brands in the fashion industry, have been developed to create luxurious furniture textiles whilst reducing waste and promoting resource reuse as they are made from circular economy processes
A polyurethane cushion requires 1,000 years to decompose
LIL is able to cut this down to 2 years, achieving up to 97% degradation and turning it into natural substances through the usage of recyclable and compostable polyurethane
The yearly waste of polyurethane is enough to fill 170 buildings as big as the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the World with its 828 meters
LIL’s furniture solutions are made from recycled polyurethane to reduce waste
Climate change, increased pollution levels as well as accelerated use of land across the planet are posing significant threats to the survival of many animal species who are getting closer to extinction
Living Italian Luxury aims to become carbon negative by 2025, therefore contributing to offset other people's emissions

Regardless of the personal beliefs whether people are responsible for these changes, at Living Italian Luxury, we want to make our contribution to reverse this trend by offering sustainable furniture solutions caring for the world we live in


22,000 children die each day due to poverty. Nearly half of the World’s population live below the poverty level
LIL supports NGOs to reduce poverty and help children in need, donating a stable percentage of its profits
One in four children in low-income countries cannot read. Nearly a billion people are unable to read or write today
LIL supports NGOs to sustain children’s education in disadvantaged countries, donating a stable percentage of its profits, to ensure they can have a chance for a brighter future

The significance of our life is measured by how much we value the lives of others: at Living Italian Luxury, we want to improve the lives of others with our company